Dynamsoft Webcam SDK Released!

Dynamsoft Webcam Capture SDK

We are glad to announce that Dynamsoft Webcam SDK 5.0 is released! The webcam SDK provides JavaScript APIs which enable you to easily and quickly embed webcam capture into your web application. The webcam library supports all USB Video Class (UVC) compatible webcams. Embed Video Stream & Webcam Capture in your Web Page in Minutes Dynamsoft…

Dynamic Web TWAIN Linux Edition Released

Dynamic Web TWAIN Linux Edition - web scan from Linux machines

We are happy to announce the release of version 12.1 of Dynamic Web TWAIN, featuring the addition of our new Linux Edition which enables you to quickly add web-based document scanning support for your Linux users. With Linux support added, Dynamic Web TWAIN now enables web scan on all major browsers and desktop OS platforms…

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader v4.3 Released

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 4.3 released

We are glad to announce that version 4.3 of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is now available. With our bar code SDK, you can implement barcode reading to your web, desktop and mobile applications using just a few lines of code. The new version vastly improves the decoding speed and accuracy for various 1D and 2D…

How “Remote Scan” Works in Dynamic Web TWAIN 12.0

Before we introduce about this new feature, let’s take a look at how Dynamic Web TWAIN HTML5 Edition works in previous versions. As illustrated above, when an end user visits the document scanning page for the very first time, a Windows service is downloaded and installed on the client machine. This Windows service accepts user…

[Deprecated]Achieve Cross-Platform Web Scanning with Dynamic Web TWAIN V12.0

cross platform scan with Dynamic Web TWAIN 12.0

We are pleased to announce the release of version 12.0 of Dynamic Web TWAIN, the JavaScript TWAIN scanning library for your Web application. The new version includes multiple new features and improvements that facilitate your development of web-based document scanning solutions to satisfy your users’ needs. Web Scan from Any Platform without Extra Installations The…

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