[Case Study] PICS’ DocLib Document Management Application Leverages Dynamsoft SDK to Enable Simple Scanning for Enhanced Document Capture, Storage, Retrieval and Business Process Management

PICS™, based in New Jersey, provides a comprehensive document management application for customers. The DocLib™ browser-based application is used by customers to replace inefficient and costly paper-based processes. There’s good reason for organizations to move away from paper-based processes. An estimated 18 minutes is the average search time for a paper document. Also, each misfiled…

[Case Study] Record Tech Electronics Chooses Dynamsoft’s SourceAnywhere for Document Version Control

“Having been a developer myself for many years I really appreciate tools like SourceAnywhere,” said Abhinav Kumar, Head of Sales and Marketing. “It’s especially helpful when tools like this are so simple and easy to implement and use. I rate SourceAnywhere very highly because it quickly and significantly contributed to our productivity and efficiency.” Record…

[Case Study] TSG integrates Dynamsoft’s ImageCapture Suite in its web-based scanning solution

HPI integrates Dynamsoft’s ImageCapture Suite and OCR SDK for faster and easier document capture online Forget scanning to your desktop or file server, HPI has a new integration with Dynamsoft’s Image Capture Suite and OCR products. Now you can scan single documents directly into your Alfresco or Documentum repository. This capability moves the point of document capture closer to the point…

Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK Showcase – An Online Automated Fingerprint Identification System

Came across a demonstration video of an online automated fingerprint identification system (OnlineAFIS), which uses Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK, on Youtube. It looks pretty cool and we want to share with you. OnlineAFIS is a web-based user-interface developed for capturing Live Scan and enrollment of Fingerprints. The web browser accesses the fingerprint sensor installed on client’s machine using…

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