How Barcode Technology is Empowering Retail Stores and Winning Customer Loyalty

retail barcode scanning SDK Dynamsoft

Retail stores are continuing to find new ways to engage customers and build better customer relationships. According to Small Business Trends, the top 5 things customers want from a retail store are:

  1. Personalized customer service
  2. Online/offline integration
  3. Use of mobile technology
  4. Loyalty rewards
  5. Store financing

What may be surprising is that many of these items can be achieved with a simple barcode.

In this post, we look at some of the ways barcode technology is empowering retail employees while increasing customer loyalty.

Helping Customers Make More Informed Buying Decisions

The ‘ABC’ (Always Be Closing) method of sales, harkening back to the ultra slick, high-pressure salesperson ala Glengarry Glen Ross, may be out of date. Today, the ‘Always Be Coding’ method has much more promise.

retail barcode scanning SDK Dynamsoft

When presenting products or services to customers, employees equipped with barcode scanning apps are a step ahead of their competition. Using their smart devices, a sales associate can access a plethora of product information at their fingertips such as:

  • Technical specs
  • Customer reviews
  • Compatibility info
  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Warranty
  • Inventory

Employees who provide more personalized customer service while delivering real-time product information will ensure their customers leave with the items they want. This makes happier and more loyal customers, while improving transactional efficiency.

retail barcode scanning SDK Dynamsoft

Customers can also use the app to scan barcodes and receive:

  • Product information
  • In-store styling and consulting services
  • More personalized purchase recommendations
  • Targeted discounts specific to their shopping habits

This enhances customer engagement and satisfaction while increasing sales.

Gain Insight into Sales Performance

Savvy sales managers looking to monitor trends and conversion rates can look at the data and make better informed decisions. They can see which employees are using the app and chart whether those employees achieve greater sales. They can also learn more about their customers from who is using the app and what items they are scanning.

Retail Sales Data Dynamsoft Barcode Reader

This data can provide insight into further sales opportunities and create a more personalized shopping experience.

To engage customers after a store visit, sales associates can continue the conversation by sharing news and updates, product release dates, inventory restocking, and answer questions. This can all be done through the app, email, online chat, text, or social media.

This type of offering helps create differentiated marketing and service experiences for customers, which will increase engagement, loyalty, advocacy, and sales.

The Dynamsoft Barcode Reader Solution

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader helps retailers find new ways to engage customers and increase sales. Through our market-leading barcode scanning SDK, companies of all sizes can integrate barcode reading functionality into their web, mobile, or desktop applications using just a few lines of code.

To learn more about how Dynamsoft Barcode Reader can help you, please visit our website, try our free online demo, or get started on your free 30-day trial.

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