The Best Barcode Scanning SDK for Schools

best barcode scanning sdk for schools and universities

Schools and educational institutes of all levels are using barcode scanning technology for a wide range of activities including asset tracking such as library books, laptops and tablets, and lab and gym equipment.

Through the use of asset management software, schools can ensure these assets are routinely maintained, stocked, and safe for use, as well as safeguarded against theft or damaged. Even parking and building access can be managed using barcodes on ID badges.

In this post, we discuss the best barcode scanning SDK for schools and how schools are benefiting from barcoding technology.

Investing in Barcode Technology

With technology disrupting the educational sector, keeping that technology accounted for and properly maintained should be a top priority for schools. Barcode technology such as Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK integrated along with asset management systems has a wide range of applications. Schools can track assets and related activities, helping them to operate more efficiently and remain on budget.

They can:

  • Streamline administrative tasks
  • Enhance the learning environment
  • Acquire fast and accurate data about asset ownership, maintenance, location, etc.
  • Increase student accountability for loaned assets
  • Enhance safety and security

How Schools are Benefiting from Barcoding

Regardless of the educational institution or administrative objectives, school administrators are benefiting from barcode technology. Here are some ways schools are using barcodes to make their school more efficient.

Asset Tagging

With asset tags, schools can assign barcodes to everything from musical instruments, laptops, tablets, and other types of school-owned equipment. With the use of asset management software, school admins can keep track of assets’ location, sign-out history, maintenance schedule, and more.

Campus/Facility Access Control

Whether at a secured entrance or for verification anywhere on campus, authorized app users such as guards, faculty, and monitors can scan or look up student, faculty, and visitor IDs for real-time validation. Unauthorized access can be restricted, monitored, and tracked using barcodes on ID badges.

Monitor Lunch Programs

Cafeteria staff can scan student IDs to track the use of free lunch programs, which help with reporting the program’s usage as well as provide data on inventory.

Permission Control

Some universities who enforce a curfew in their dormitories or a restricted area policy have developed a special barcode scanning app for authorized faculty to scan a student’s ID to check if permission has been granted. Setting permission controls ensure things such as student records, alarm codes, temperature settings, etc. to remain in the hands of authorized personnel only.

Tickets or ID Validation at Events

Schools hosting activities such as sporting events, plays, educational engagements, and concerts can assign and validate tickets in real time.

Monitor Parking

Barcode scanning can also help verify parking compliance. In some higher educational institutes, special apps can be created to notify car owners if their lights are on, windows are open, the alarm is blaring, etc.

Integrating a Barcode Scanning SDK into your App

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK enables you to efficiently embed barcode reading functionality in your web, desktop, or mobile application using just a few lines of code. This can save you months of added development time and extra costs. With our SDK, you can create high-speed and reliable barcode scanner software to meet your business needs.

  • Easy integration
  • Fully customizable
  • Scans all major barcode types
  • Able to read damaged and distorted barcodes
  • Non-server based solution works without an internet connection
  • Available for Windows, Linus, iOS, and Android, and embedded devices

Supported Barcode Formats

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader supports all major 1D and 2D barcode symbologies.

1D Barcodes

  • Code 39
  • Code 93
  • Code 128
  • Codabar
  • Interleaved 2 of 5
  • EAN-8
  • EAN-13
  • UPC-A
  • UPC-E
  • Industrial 2 of 5

2D Barcodes

  • QR Code
  • Data Matrix
  • PDF417
  • Aztec Code

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