Enable Retail Self-Checkout with a Barcode Reader SDK

retail self-checkout

Retail store self-checkouts are well-established, and for many reasons. There are clear business advantages to a retailer. As a result, adoption of self-checkout technology is booming. So, why should customers also like them?

Customers benefit in a few ways.

  • Customers that prefer self-checkout lines leave cashiers more available for customers that prefer going to human cashiers
  • Most customers surveyed find the technology faster and easier to use. According to a SOTI survey quoted in Retail Customer Experience, it found:
    • 66% of shoppers preferred self-service and self-checkout
    • 77% of consumers would be very or somewhat comfortable in a retail setting where only self-checkout technology was offered
  • For many customers, it removes some privacy concerns by not having to share personal information such as driver’s license and credit cards with cashiers

Customer experience expectations are being flipped upside down to favor more technology integration. So, using the technology can improve customer service.

Integrating Self-Checkout in Mobile Apps

Some stores have further evolved by integrating self-checkout apps. In these scenarios, customers can make purchases using their mobile phones while they are in a store. They can simply scan barcodes for product information and make purchases. Product information can be as rich as desired, to include information such as a description, unit price, place of origin, and more.

This scan setup is commonly accomplished by using a barcode software development kit to enable barcode scanning via popular smartphones. By allowing customers to self-add products to a virtual shopping cart while shopping in an aisle, retailers can eliminate making customers stand in line with their products at a physical checkout.

For retailers, this can also enable rich data capture for more targeted marketing. Customer shopping behaviors can be used to better optimize experiences. This can include product-based experiences, such as offering discounts for future purchases on previously purchased products. It can also include time-based marketing, such as targeting email newsletters or offers during a time a customer is more likely to visit a store.

Finishing a Purchase

To close out a purchase, a retailer can physically verify a shopping list while a human bags items for customers. It might also be done as the customer walks out of the store. At this point, any coupons, loyalty cards, or other credits can also be applied.

Finally, an online payment can be processed, or a payment made via a kiosk. Then, customers can be given the option to receive a printed receipt, emailed a receipt, or provide an in-app receipt.

Improved Staff Efficiency

Using a barcode scanning app can also help employees work more efficiently, particularly for large-ticket items. For example, a furniture store may offer a delivery service for their large couches, beds and linens found at their tablecloths warehouse.

A shopper makes their furniture selection via a barcode scan while browsing through the store. This provides them with a purchase order to take to store staff to make payment. The store can then seamlessly schedule delivery accordingly. With a barcode scan app, further integrations can be possible, such as allowing customers to instead enter their delivery address and select delivery dates and times.

Dynamsoft’s Barcode Reader SDK

The Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK provides full-featured scan and capture capabilities for a myriad of barcode types with enterprise-grade accuracy, reliability, and speed. It provides developers with options for customizable settings to develop apps specific to your scenario.

Provided with flexible licensing options, the SDK also provides a 30-day free trial and is backed by multi-channel award-winning technical support. You can learn more and start your free trial here. Or, if you have specific questions about developing your next barcode application, please contact us.

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