[Case Study] How to Automate Document Indexing With Barcodes

document indexing with QR code

Reduce the steps for your document scanning with QR Code THE NEED – Automatic Document Indexing A small software development consultancy based on the US East coast has a healthcare practice client using an application to scan and manage patient records. The healthcare practice uses a records management application. Currently, users take the following steps…

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 4.2 Added PHP Linux Support

Barcode Reader for PHP Linux

V4.2 added PHP barcode reader for Linux We are pleased to announce that version 4.2 of Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK, the barcode recognition toolkit for your Web or desktop applications, is now available! New PHP Linux Edition The new version added Linux edition which enables you to embed barcode reading to your PHP application for…

[Case Study] How to Quickly Deliver Document Scanning for an EHR Web Solution

document scanning in EHR

THE SCENARIO A global market-leading company provides advanced technological solutions that include radiology and cardiovascular workflow software. This company has been offering radiology management software for more than a decade. For the latest version, the company sought to include advanced document workflow management and convenience features including: Cross-browser document scanning Simple UI Support for numerous…

How to Create a Fingerprint Scanner Software using C#

capture fingerprint image and upload to database in C#

Fingerprint authentication has been widely used for attendance and workforce management for its accuracy and ease of use. In more recent years, it has become a mechanism for identity management. To create a fingerprint scanner system, the first job would be to capture images of fingers from fingerprint scanners. However, many APIs  do not support all fingerprint devices….

Dynamsoft Dynamic Web TWAIN 11.3 released

v11.3 includes improved barcode reader and PDF rasterizer We are pleased to announce that version 11.3 of Dynamic Web TWAIN, the web-based TWAIN scanning and imaging SDK, is now available! Highlights of the new version: Added support for reading binary barcode and returning the result as a base64 string Updated barcode reader library to v4.1.0.112…

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