How to Capture Images from Webcam in ASP.NET

Capture and save images from web cameras in ASP.NET (C#) with Dynamsoft Camera SDK Dynamsoft Camera SDK is a browser-based camera library for capturing images from UVC compatible webcams and cameras. You can use the webcam library to rapidly deliver a web-based webcam capture module with cross-browser support on Windows. All the mainstream browsers including…

Build Document Scanning and Webcam Capture into Your Web-Based Application [Slideshare]

[slideshare id=64897836&doc=documentscanningandwebcamcaptureintowebapplication-160811080047&w=650&h=500] Read more: Whitepaper: Web Scanning with Dynamsoft’s Dynamic Web TWAIN HTML5 SDK Whitepaper: Using cameras for document scanning

What Image Acquisition APIs should I Choose?

Version Control: Manage and Protect Your Source Code

Source code is the most treasure asset to us developers. When expecting a version control tool to better manage the projects and documents and save us time, we also require it to be a secure one. Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere, a SQL Server-based version control tool designed for both central and distributed teams, protects your data on…

Why a Dedicated VM for Your TFS Hosting Service

More and more people incline to choose hosting services. It is convenient, secure, cost-effective, etc. Usually, a hosting company would provide two kinds of plans for their customers with different requirements: Shared Plan and Managed Plan. The primary difference between these plans is that the Managed plan provides users a dedicated virtual machine. So why…

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