Image Processing 101: Point Operations

This article is part of our Image Processing 101 blog series. Spatial domain image enhancement techniques can be divided into two broad categories: Point operations Neighborhood operations This post discusses the point operations and the next post will be covering the neighborhood operations. Point operations refer to running the same conversion operation for each pixel in a…

Image Processing 101: Image Enhancement

What is Image Enhancement? This article is part of our Image Processing 101 blog series. Image enhancement refers to the process of highlighting certain information of an image, as well as weakening or removing any unnecessary information according to specific needs. For example, eliminating noise, revealing blurred details, and adjusting levels to highlight features of an image….

Camera SDK | Turn a Web Camera into a Scanner

With Dynamsoft Camera SDK, developers can build a web application that enables a user to capture scanner-quality images with a webcam. The SDK does this by automatically detecting the border and then cropping the background. Users can also enhance the images by adjusting the brightness, contrast and other properties. After processing, images can be uploaded…

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